Due to our extensive experience and different backgrounds, we can be of service in several areas. We’re specialized in the following:

Lease and renegotiation of leases

Your accommodation should optimally facilitate your business operations. We investigate the needs of your organization and translate these into a Program of Requirements (PoR). Based on these principles, we provide well-considered, clear and feasible advice and propose a tailor-made Plan of Approach. During the process we make adjustments where necessary. Your interest is all that matters. Thanks to our many years of experience in the region, up-to-date market knowledge and negotiation techniques, you are able to make a well-considered housing choice for the future. Rent a new location or renegotiate at your current location? In addition to negotiating attractive financial conditions, we also advise you on optimizing and recording the agreements made in the lease agreement.

Project management

If you opt for a new location, in many cases you will have to take into account that it still has to be completed and furnished according to your wishes. This regularly involves a tight time schedule. A process that must be well managed and carried out within the predetermined deadline. Our business partners help you with this process, so that you are completely unburdened by a team of professionals in this field.

Letting advice

We are happy to advise you on the letting of vacant spaces and the (re)positioning of your building. We are aware of current market developments, know the competition and know how to translate user trends into your proposition. We advise you towards the right strategy. We are active and involved and will keep you informed on an ongoing basis by providing full information. Through a proactive approach, our regional network and with the right marketing tools, we ensure the best letting of vacant spaces at optimal conditions.

Sale and purchase

We have extensive experience in the buying and selling process of commercial real estate. We can advise you in office, industrial and retail properties, but also in residential investments, development land, transformation projects and commercial portfolios. Is it an investment or is it for your own company? With our large network and market knowledge, we assist you in the process and provide good due diligence so you know what you are buying or selling. The most optimal price and a smooth process are important to you and to us.


Do you need an appraisal for a purchase or sale? Do you want to refinance your real estate? Knowing the correct value is crucial. We work with certified appraisers for independent advice on the value of your property. You can always contact us for a free broker’s opinion of value.


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